MSL (Medical Science Liaison) Cannabis Introduction

Empowering MSLs for Effective Cannabis Medicine Education and Collaboration


This course provides a comprehensive understanding of medical cannabis, equipping healthcare professionals with specialised knowledge for optimising patient outcomes.


  • A 7-hour course tailored for Medical Service Liaison Officers (MSLs) to expand their knowledge of cannabis medicine.
  • Designed to enhance the competence of MSLs and ensure safety in their role.
  • Content meticulously curated by renowned global cannabis clinicians.
  • Module assessments offer opportunities to accumulate Continuing Medical Education (CPD) points.
  • Topics covered include the endocannabinoid system, cannabis history, pharmacology, and legal considerations.
  • Each module concludes with assessment questions, allowing participants to check their understanding.

Course Description

MSL intro: Navigating cannabis science—bridging gaps, fostering relationships, and advancing medical understanding responsibly.

This course covers all the basic principles of cannabis medicine, devised for the perspective and requirements of MSLs (medical service liaison officers - or “medical reps”). This course will further your knowledge and awareness of cannabis medicine, on its journey towards mainstream acceptance. All medical professionals and allied health practitioners should be educated around cannabis use as medicine, even if they are not actively prescribing. Part of your role as a MSL is to help initiate and facilitate the education of doctors, pharmacists, nurse practitioners. This course will give you the knowledge to empower your role as an MSL.

It is a short format course that provides the important facts surrounding cannabis medicine, to allow you to safely and effectively educate prescribers about cannabis medicines. It is designed to make the information you provide the doctors both relevant and concise and improve your working relationship with prescribers. The modules have been created with internationally recognized and respected cannabis clinicians, that are not simply academics, but respected cannabis medicine specialists with active clinical practices. This course is designed as a good introductory level course. For those that would prefer a more comprehensive course, please enrol in Medical Cannabis- Comprehensive - Principles for Clinicians.

The aim of this MSL course is to provide the theoretical knowledge and practical clinical skills to facilitate healing through integration of cannabis medicines. Knowledge of our body’s endocannabinoid system is dealt with. Areas of study include everything from the history of cannabis, pathophysiology, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic theory, social context, routes of administration, side effects, safety precautions, interactions, and treatment of the most commonly encountered clinical conditions. Special sections have been added that deal directly with your role as MSLs, to interact with health professionals, and to provide clear understanding of the legal implications of cannabis medicines - from driving to prescribing

At the end of each module you will have a set of questions designed to test the real world application of your skills. By passing the end of module tests, you will have earned CPD points equivalent to the time spent studying and reviewing the provided materials. These can be provided to your CPD home for credit towards ongoing continuing medical education.

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Understanding of the ECS and how it functions on a micro and macro level to create and maintain homeostasis in the human body.
  • How the ECS relates to disease development, prevention, and healing.
  • To understand the social aspects of cannabis as medicine and be able to seamlessly integrate cannabis medicines within the allopathic framework of medicine.
  • You will understand cannabis pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, interactions, side effects and safety, routes of administration, and potential toxicity (and how to avoid toxicity and adverse effects).
  • To be able to treat, safely, effectively and with confidence patient groups that are commonly encountered in clinical cannabis medicine practice – at a basic level.
  • To communicate effectively and with knowledge and confidence with cannabis prescribers and allied health teams.
  • To understand the laws surround medical cannabis dispensing. 

Course Contributors

We gratefully acknowledge the support and collaboration of industry frontrunners in the creation of this course. Their seasoned expertise has guided a curriculum that is both contemporary and rich in value.

This Course is Designed for

  • Medical Sales Liaisons (Sales Reps)

Course Curriculum

Module 1: Introduction & Welcome to MSL Course (Dr. John Teh)

Module 2: What is Cannabis Medicine? (Dr. John Teh)

Module 3: The Ethnopharmacology of Cannabis (Justin Sinclair)

Module 4: The Powers of Hemp (Chloe Jean Teh)

Module 5: The Endocannabinoid System - Basic (Dr. John Teh)

Module 6: Routes of Administration and Safety (Dr. John Teh)

Module 7: Mitigating Side Effects During Titration (Chloe Jean Teh)

Module 8: Cannabis and Driving (Chloe Jean Teh)

Module 9: Extraction Techniques & Cannabis Preparations (Christina Michael)

Module 10: Clinical Applications of Medical Cannabis (Dr. John Teh)

Module 11: Interacting with healthcare professionals (Lisa Varley)

Module 12: Course Outro (Dr. John Teh)

Module 13: Course Video Summary

Certification Details

At the end of each module, you will have a set of questions designed to test the real world application of your skills. By passing the end of module tests, you will earn a certificate to ackowledge your completion of the course.

MSL (Medical Science Liaison) Cannabis Introduction


Who is this course for?

This course is ideal for Medical Sales Liaisons/Reps and individuals working within the cannabis industry who seek to acquire effective communication skills for sharing cannabis-related information with others.

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