About Planted

Here at Planted, we’re passionate about cultivating quality education about cannabis and plant medicine for healthcare professionals. Learn more about our story and grow with us as we expand across the globe. 

Our Story

Planted grew from the life-long aspirations of a passionate group of professionals to educate the world about the power of cannabis and plant medicine. We believe in the transformative power of cannabis as medicine and have witnessed first-hand the range of benefits that it has for patients with a wide range of conditions. 

Our team is composed of experienced doctors and allied health professionals who have worked to advocate for the rights of patients to access plant medicine since the inception of the movement. Many of our team were instrumental in establishing the Australian Cannabis Summit which has already provided a wealth of knowledge about how cannabis can be used to benefit the lives of innumerable patients.

As an emerging medicine, there still exists a great deal of misinformation being circulated about cannabis. Planted was formed to debunk myths, separate fact from fiction, and offer comprehensive, evidence-based courses about plant medicines. We’re supported by ANZCCP - the Australian & New Zealand College of Cannabinoid Practitioners - and have our courses accredited by reputable bodies in the medical field.

Through our courses, we aim to cultivate knowledge and nurture curiosity about medicinal cannabis amongst healthcare professionals, industry personnel, and patients who are interested in the benefits of plant medicine. Central to our mission is our goal of educating healthcare professionals on how to incorporate these powerful natural remedies into clinical or personal treatment regimes. 

We envisage a world where the value and understanding of cannabis and plant medicine is universally recognised. Our founders are based in Australia, but our branches now extend across the globe and deliver insightful knowledge to healthcare professionals and lifelong learners alike.

Our Team

Learn more about our passionate team who are dedicated to providing knowledge and education about plant medicine:

Dr John Teh

Chief Medical Educator

A pioneering force in the realm of medicinal cannabis. With over 15 years in the surgical field, he transitioned into the cannabis space with an unwavering commitment to plant medicine and optimal clinical outcomes. His deep-rooted passion for natural healing drives him to educate fellow doctors, ensuring patients receive the best of both traditional and alternative treatments. At Planted, Dr Teh's vision is to bridge the knowledge gap, making cannabis an integral part of medical education and practice.

Chloe Jean

Head of Patient Education & Support

Deeply rooted in cannabis advocacy, Chloe champions patient voices. Leveraging her experience as a Patient Care Coordinator, she's instrumental in bridging the gap between doctors, sales reps, and patients. Chloe ensures a deeper understanding of patient needs, driving Planted's mission to educate and advocate. With every conversation, Chloe reaffirms her dedication to the community, serving as the heart that keeps Planted's mission alive.

Josip Zirdum

Head of Digital Strategy & Operations

Once a high school teacher, has transitioned into a tech-focused advocate for cannabis in the medical community. With a rich background in digital strategies, web development, and a natural flair for entrepreneurial ventures, Josip embodies a blend of education and innovation. At Planted, he's dedicated to merging his technological expertise with his passion for cannabis, aiming to reshape perceptions and educate on its myriad benefits.

Learn With Planted

Ready to start your educational journey into the benefits of medicinal cannabis and plant medicine? We have a range of courses designed to expand your knowledge on particular aspects of medicinal cannabis and health. 

We offer paid courses for healthcare professionals looking to begin prescribing plant medicine as well as courses for individuals looking to enter the medical cannabis industry. We also provide a range of free courses for patients looking to expand their knowledge on how medicinal cannabis can benefit their well being. 

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